Melanie on the Issues


As the only woman of color serving on the Franklin-Pierce School Board, Melanie was instrumental in the passage of the district’s $157 million bond measure in 2016, and two school levy renewals in February 2018. Melanie will be a champion for fully and equitably funded public schools across our state. She will also fight to ensure that the teachers we trust with our children can afford to make a living and have appropriate resources in the classroom.

Housing Affordability

Melanie values housing as a human right and will champion affordable options to address the state’s housing affordability crisis. Melanie has experienced homelessness and understands the struggles far too many residents of the 29th district face as the area experiences rising costs.

Government Transparency and Accountability

The 29th LD has the lowest voter turnout in the entire state of Washington. Our district deserves better representation to restore trust in our leaders. Our elected leaders should represent our values and be accessible to the community. Once elected, Melanie is committed to holding regular town hall meetings across the district to ensure accountability to her constituents. Melanie is committed to making state government more accessible to underserved communities across the 29th district, promoting policies that build trust between communities of color and law enforcement, and fighting for a tax system that is fairer to working families. 


Transportation is the second largest expense for households in the 29th LD, costing more than food, clothing, and health care. Regressive car tab fees are a burden to many working families in the 29th.  As costs go up, access to good jobs and other critical resources have become literally out of reach. We need more and better options to be funded, now, and Melanie will champion smart transportation investments that prioritize the district.

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